Solar Power Roadshow at Silbury School

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Fun working with Silbury School students

The crew at Solar Power Roadshow was pleased to be part of edu-fun workshops at Silbury School, which is an excellent forum for sustainability education in greater Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Which high-tech subjects have we presented? Well, let's recollect ..

Silbury School students hav
e done model solar cars, sail cars, solar ovens, ocean wave energy-capturing devices, Stirling engines, advanced solar car building, dead-battery rescue, sun-less solar panel energy, among others.

We're looking forward to having even more fun at day camp workshops (such as one in Kerrisdale) and Sustainability magic shows (next one at Lougheed Mall) and at outdoor festivals this summer!

As you can see, Sustainability education doesn't have to be boring, as these and other Vancouver students (K-12) have had fun learning.

Sustainability teachers have a tremendous responsiblity as the earth's climate reaches (or has it already passed?) the Tipping Point, beyond which runaway temperature change occurs. Therefore, Sustainability education, is important to all of us. Sustainability teaching will affect our future.